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"Nearly every moment of every day, we have the opportunity to give something to someone else - our time, our love, our resources."


S. Truett Cathy

Choose Chicken. Choose the Chick-fil-A Starkville team. Chick-fil-A Starkville is not an average quick-service job, because we are not an average quick-service restaurant. At Chick-fil-A Starkville, we consider our Team Members to be more than just employees. Our team members are friendly, energetic, and enthusiastic, and they “connect” with our guests to leave a lasting bright spot in their day.


Key responsibilities include taking, fulfilling, and serving food orders, entering register transactions, and maintaining the appearance of the restaurant. We hire people of all ages and backgrounds. We will teach you everything else you need to know. So give Chick-fil-A Starkville a try.

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