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Who we are


Jonathan S. Rogers

Owner Operator

I am married to Melissa and we are blessed by two beautiful children, Samantha and Stephen. They are first in my life, behind Christ. I will fail as a husband and as a father if all I do is provide financially. Rather, I strive to be present  for my family physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Melissa and I are thrilled to call Starkville HOME. We have spent over 12 years working with Chick-fil-A, including the 2 1/2 traveling the country opening new Chick-fil-A restaurants. Our home town of Tuscaloosa, AL is just down the road, and several of my family and friends actually worked and supported the Grand Opening of  Chick-fil-A Starkville.


I know Chick-fil-A Starkville holds a special place in the Starkville community, and we believe and hope our family and this restaurant will continue to grow with Starkville. I look forward to seeing many young people, both high school and college, who work with us take their next step towards their passions and life purposes. For a few, I hope Chick-fil-A can become a lifelong career like mine. 

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